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Too often we hear that the scenographies are thrown away or given to associations after an exhibition without really knowing the reality of the reuse of materials.⁠

⁠The challenge today is to integrate the second life of materials from the design of the project⁠. This is what we tried to achieve with @random_paths by designing part of the scenography for @AgoraduDesign. ⁠99% of the elements are reused⁠.

⁠The textile display texts have been designed in such a way that they can turn into a bag following the exhibition thanks to the collaboration with Emilieu Studio.

Congratulations to Nathanaël Abeille, Pablo Bras, Christopher Dessus, Martin De Bie, Laure Garreau, Samuel Tomatis.⁠

Thank you @Bernardmoise and the whole agora team. Thank you also @pavillonarsenal and all his team @sophiecivita @jean.sebastien.lebreton⁠

Thank you to the historical partners of the Agora du Design the Ministry of Culture @culture_gouv and the Hermès Corporate Foundation @fondationhermes

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