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At Carbone, we source in two different ways: we choose clothes from thrift stores such as Guerrisol, Eureka or relays as well as online on the Vinted application.

We also buy dead end stock to a luxury houses destocker (Beglarian Fabrics, based in Lyon).

We are choosing our fabrics very carefully and make sure they come from Kering, LVMH or Chanel. As they're based in France, these houses are subjected to standards in terms of poisonous chemicals which helps us to make sure our products are innocuous.


Our priority when we choose our fabric will always be its materials. Expert in textile materials, the founder takes particular care when selecting dead ends stock or clothes to transform to our suppliers. 

Style, quality and finishing becomes one to offer timeless and durable Carbone 14 garments.


Products bought in Europe are legally under guarantee for two years. We are engaged to repair any product bought from our brand for the following two years since the date of purchase. We also offer to repair and upcycle if wanted after two years of purchasing but this service will be charged.

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