Our goal with Carbone14 is to create a community sharing our values being aware of the challenges to be met for a more responsible consumption, based on the principles of the circular economy. To us, a garment is a story written by all the craftsmen who participated in its design. Collections are handmade in a very limited edition, we focus on a classic garment to be reworked every month to release a capsule with a maximum of 10 models. We also offer the possibility of upcycling clothes you would send to us. ​

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''Graduating from a business school, I lined up contract renewal quotes at 70% margin for 2 years before getting fired: the chance of my life. I joined the French fashion institute for a master's degree in luxury design and fashion management, from which I came out with a very strong desire to set up my business. After a failed internship humanly speaking, I could no longer handle to work for others, although I learned more through my internship than during my first full time job. ​


But how? Not easy to create a garment without being an architect, and even harder to modify it. I plunged back into a fashion design and pattern making degree obtained after 10 months of intensive courses, necessary after a hard love breakup.


I created my first upcycled (or overcycled) garment after my hallux valgus surgery by reusing my shoes which seemed out of shape compared to my new pair of feet. Carbon 14 was born. All garments made by Carbon 14 are novel, not new.''



“I have always had a huge interest in fashion. At 18, when I had to choose my path in higher education, I did not feel legitimate enough to get into this sector. So I put on hold the fashion design school that I was considering and went for a business school.


After this successful challenge and trips to South Korea where I had the opportunity to do modelling and styling, I joined the Conte school to do my master's degree in fashion management. I love fashion for its aesthetics, its necessity, its renewal and above all for its ability to convey messages.


Myself being a huge consumer of clothes, I realised that my purchases were not reasoned from a sustainability point of view, then I discovered upcycling, and more broadly ethical fashion. The idea that you can make new clothes out of old ones fascinates me with the endless combination of possibilities available to us.’’