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After graduating from business school, I lined up contract renewal quotes for 2 years without much conviction before getting fired: the chance of my life. I then joined the Institut Français de la Mode for a master's degree in luxury design and fashion management during which I discovered the underside of fast fashion and all the harmful implications for the environment and people. Upcycling therefore seems to me an obvious and creative solution to fight against fast fashion and I am doing my first internship for an emerging brand. The lack of consistency of the founder quickly made me realize that I had to create my company.

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My first upcycling will be during my convalescence the transformation of Stan Smith. Deformed due to a foot problem resolved by an operation, I upcycle these trainers into a breastplate. My passion for sewing, which I have developed since my childhood thanks to two grandmothers who were themselves passionate and very good seamstresses, leads me to develop more and more upcycled models. For the sake of autonomy and control of the entire chain of creation and transformation of a garment and in order not to depend on anyone, I attend a school specializing in patronage and molding and perfect my sewing skills.

During this training and in the middle of Covid, I make masks for my relatives, my neighbors and the merchants where I usually go. I was contacted by Galeries Lafayette who noticed these masks made from bandanas and fabric scraps and placed my first order: Carbone 14 was born. All clothing made by Carbone 14 are fresh, not brand new.


My goal with Carbone14 is to create a community that shares my values ​​while being aware of the challenges to be met for more responsible consumption, based on the principles of the circular economy, by putting style first. For me, a garment is a story written by all the craftsmen who participated in its design, from the cotton picker to the dressmaker, including the weaver and the dyer. The collections are handmade in a very limited edition, I focus on a classic garment to be reworked every month to release a capsule with a maximum of 10 models. I also offer you the possibility to upcycle your own clothes, do not hesitate to contact me.


My name is Charlie and I make clothes so you look fancy sustainably!

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