collage burberry.jpg

I started the collection in 2018 when my grandma gave me a worn out trench coat. In order to save as much fabric as I could, the idea of creating a right side/wrong side trench with an inner coat right side and a wrong side trench lining comes to my mind. Here I am cutting the trench in two parts to turn inside out one of them, ending up with twice the same part. I had to search a few days to find a similar trench coat and everything was based on the left side pocket tag, handing me all the details of the garment (length, size, colour...).

2 years later, the patchwork being more popular and my pattern making / sewing skills improved, I feel like upcycling it again. While transforming it, the high quality of the fabric makes me think about creating a whole collection based off vintage trench coats. As I also improved in sourcing fabrics, finding unprocessed material was quick : exclusively trench coats from the 70s to 90s to have premium cotton which won't peel from washing (pesticides were not widespread back then). 


12 trench coats with small faults and a few weeks later, the second Carbone 14 capsule collection is ready to launch.

All the garments made by Carbone14 are novel, not new.