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Most ties are made of silk, and can be an item of luxury and social distinction. Mandatory at work for a period of time, the start-up nation effect has rubbed off on the men's locker room, making it less important, except for special occasions. It is also for this reason that ties worn until the 1990s end up in sorting centers and thrift stores, which have some to spare, while others sleep in closets. As I dissected an old tie, I realized that there is a lot more fabric than I thought. I wrapped it around me and as I thought about it, despite the fact that the meaning was not straight, there was a possibility of making a top.


From a masculine accessory, making a nod to patriarchy, I make a top with bespoke luxury materials, the tietop.


This top cannot be industrialized. Each tie is carefully found, to find the most beautiful patterns in thrift stores or empty attics. Often from different brands, each pattern is different and so is each lining. The only way to industrialize this process is to establish a partnership with a brand, so that the unsold products are intended to be transformed. Waste would be significantly reduced, with the possibility of making a reversible top, by combining two ties of the same cut, and therefore not needing to cut the lining.


If you want me to upcycle your own tie, just add ''my own tie'' and don't forget to put your chest mesurement. 

All the tietops worn in the pictures are an S size. If you want a different size, choose a print.

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